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TrackSphere provides tools to annotate and synchronize video with time-based data, namely location and related data like elevation, speed and heading. It features a viewer showing a map alongside videos with smooth synchronized playback and rich interactive controls.

It also doesn’t stop at a single video with a single location track. Showing multiple location tracks and multiple videos at the same time is supported as well. Furthermore, any media player can fairly easily be integrated provided it can be controlled programmatically.

The site is a preview at this point. As such, not all the functionality is publicly available yet and there may be some rough edges.

Some features in the works:

  • An embeddable viewer.
  • A client-side API for more customized embedding into third-party sites.
  • Integration with more video services.
  • Better support for mobile (touch) browsers.
  • Apps for easy recording and uploading of videos with location data.
  • ...

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