Awesome Speedflying line Fürenalp Engelberg: Awesome Speedflying Fuerenalp
by nEwEr | 2014-11-02
Kitecamp 2014: Upwind Kitesurf Track - Stunning Nature in Hamata
by macdaffy | 2014-05-12
We were so lucky to shoot a perfect upwind-track with beautiful footage from a kite-mounted GoPro camera. More than one hour material to play and explore the area via Google Maps using a mashup with YouTube. - The kitecamp.ch crew did a demanding Kitesurf-tour upwind visiting the nearby islands at Kite-Village Hamata in Egypt. Thanks to our rider Jan-Torben for this great performance riding the perfect track! - Check out the location at http://www.kite-village.com/
Speedflying: Hoch Ybrig Wanghütte - Swing Mirage 9.5
by macdaffy | 2014-03-30
Rider: Florian Andritsch ¦ Gear: Swing Mirage 9.5m^2 ¦ Location: Watch the track :) ¦ More on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEu-cD58RyU4VwWI0zC4niQ
2014-09 Portugal: Carrapateira Coast
by mib | 2014-09-26
360° video walking along the atlantic coast near Carrapateira, Portugal.
Red Bull Alpenbrevet 5: Moped Ride
by mib | 2014-09-06
1000 drivers took place in this 110 kilometer tour, most of it with 30 km/h (18 mph) - unless they had to pedal up a hill. During the Red Bull Alpenbrevet they had to cross 3 passes in the heart of Switzerland with their mopeds, enjoying the scenery in a relaxed mood. More info: http://www.redbullalpenbrevet.ch
Burning Man 2012: Esplanade Tour
by mib | 2012-09-01
A tour by bike around the esplanade at Burning Man 2012.
Burning Man 2012: Playa Tour
by mib | 2012-09-01
A tour by bike around the playa at Burning Man 2012.
Pontei-Malvaglia: Front View
by mib | 2012-10-09
Kitecamp 2014: A Kitersufer's Morning @ Hamata Kite-Village
by macdaffy | 2014-05-10
Morning walk to the Hamata Kite-Village, Egypt. Including a kite-taxi for the cam an a selfie of the taxi-driver. Use "Index" to jump to the appearance of the kitecamp.ch guests.
Reko Tour: Snowy Car Ride
by mib | 2012-01-14
Car ride up to Obersee on snowy road.
Jakobshorn2: Ride 1
by mib | 2012-01-12
Ekstremsportveko 2012: Voss Heli Ride
by mib | 2012-06-26
A helicopter ride in Voss, Norway.
NRK Nordlandsbanen: Spring
by mib
Pontei-Malvaglia: Two Way (Front and Rear)
by mib | 2012-10-09
Car ride with two cameras (front and rear facing).