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2014-11-19: Bahia com Aviao
by macdaffy | 2014-11-19
Brazil 2013: Bahia Bus Travel (Track only)
by macdaffy | 2013-07-14
www.karimsaad.net: 360° Iran Overland 2014
by macdaffy | 2014-06-22
Amazing! TrackSphere.com is taken around the world. This time Karim Saad sent us a 360° video with its GPS-track from Iran overland. Karim simply provided us with the .gpx file from his car-GPS. For the video-hosting he is using the Kolor Eyes player. This allows you to switch the projection to little planet view and others while watching the geo-annotated mashup on TrackSphere. Use the small circle symbol in the bottom right corner of the video. © www.karimsaad.net
Kitecamp 2014: Upwind Kitesurf Track - Stunning Nature in Hamata
by macdaffy | 2014-05-12
We were so lucky to shoot a perfect upwind-track with beautiful footage from a kite-mounted GoPro camera. More than one hour material to play and explore the area via Google Maps using a mashup with YouTube. - The kitecamp.ch crew did a demanding Kitesurf-tour upwind visiting the nearby islands at Kite-Village Hamata in Egypt. Thanks to our rider Jan-Torben for this great performance riding the perfect track! - Check out the location at http://www.kite-village.com/
Openair St.Gallen 2014: Festival Tour 360 Degree Video
by macdaffy | 2014-06-26
Use Chrome browser. Drag video to have a 360° round view.
Buochs: Wakeskate Andi
by macdaffy | 2014-07-26
Buochs: Wakesurf Michi
by macdaffy | 2014-07-26
Speedflying: Hoch Ybrig Wanghütte - Swing Mirage 9.5
by macdaffy | 2014-03-30
Rider: Florian Andritsch ¦ Gear: Swing Mirage 9.5m^2 ¦ Location: Watch the track :) ¦ More on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEu-cD58RyU4VwWI0zC4niQ
Openair St.Gallen 2014: Tour to Stage
by macdaffy | 2014-06-26
A track for insiders. Only hours before the opening we took a walk to the VIP area. This openair festival takes place in St.Gallen in a unique wavy scenery called Sittertobel.
Airport Altenrhein: Breitling Super Constellation Start
by macdaffy | 2014-06-14
Red Bull: Full Opening #CRO #TAGAMSEE Romanshorn
by macdaffy | 2014-06-07
A hot day, beautiful swiss scenery and the german artist CRO starting his show. We managed to catch exactly how the #tagamsee kicked-off. See more pictures & movies of the three concerts in one day at http://cro.redbull.com
Kitecamp 2014: End of a successful Kitesurfing day
by macdaffy | 2014-05-10
Kitesurfers evening routine at Hamata Kite-Village, Egypt. Certainly sundowner beer included. Use "Index" to jump to the appearance of the kitecamp.ch guests.
Kitecamp 2014: Quad Tour - First Stop Excitement
by macdaffy | 2014-05-11
Kitecamp 2014: Quad Tour - More Riding up the Hills
by macdaffy | 2014-05-11
Kitecamp 2014: Quad Tour - Into the Sun
by macdaffy | 2014-05-11
Kitecamp 2014: Quad Tour - Desert Viewpoint
by macdaffy | 2014-05-11
Kitecamp 2014: Quad Tour - Riding Up the Hills
by macdaffy | 2014-05-11
Kitecamp 2014: Padi Reef-Swimming (Track)
by macdaffy | 2014-05-12
Kitecamp 2014: Padi Ride (Track)
by macdaffy | 2014-05-12
Kitecamp 2014: Hamata Kite-Village Trailer-Camp
by macdaffy | 2014-05-11
For more information visit http://www.kite-village.com